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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Etsy Shop Giveaway Promotion! :}

Hello to my visitors! :}
This is a Free giveaway of One Suprise Skein of my Handspun Art Yarn   to promote my Etsy shop
this giveaway will be open for entries until March 20th at noon Pacific time. Here is how to play:
1. Visit my Etsy shop and pick out an item you like or love
each yarn has its own Listing # on the right side of its page.
2. Return here and post on my blog which item you like with its Listing #
3. Leave me enough info to contact you in case you win :}
4.March 20th Giveaway is closed to postings at noon Pacific time and within the next few hours the winner will be randomly chosen.
5. I will post the winner on my blog and ship prize Handspun Yarn with delivery confirmation.
Good Luck and let the Fun Begin!!!

I reserve the right to change the rules if needed...One entry per person, please tell your friends thank-you..


  1. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    I love your "wrapped in pink" (listing #66901577) but the orange sherbet was a close second! Very pretty yarn!

  2. Oooooh, I LOVE your Bubble Gum colors yarn!! (#65814897) They are all really beautiful, though!! You are very talented! I am seriously considering joining your 3 month yarn deal, lol. I hope that your shop does well, good luck to you!!


    Ravelry ID: AllStrungOut89

  3. Thank-You for your support! Your names are entered in the contest, feel free to tell your friends :}

  4. Cindy aka hooknreadMarch 2, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    Nice colors everywhere. If lucky enough to win it, I'd love to use the spectacular fiber in Listing # 69051948 in a free-form weaving!

  5. Can I play too? I want purple :)

  6. I really like the grey/pink/purple/white yarn (Listing # 69056234). Cool stuff!

    - ahappyaccident on Ravelry

  7. I love the orange sherbet! (Listing #68763070). The curls and locks galore is really fun too.

    MrsCollinHobbs on Ravelry

  8. I love the Grey and Smokey Lavender Wool Roving Fibers (#65003134)!!!!

    Collienchen @ Ravelry

  9. Yes everyone can enter one time, bring a friend too... and thanks for visiting :}

  10. all the yarn is delicious, but i particularly love #67029798, the snow and rose petals. just too pretty.

    freemiki on ravelry

  11. I like the wrapped in pink handspun listing # 66901577

  12. ooh, listing # 68761209 - i love the idea of pink hair! how fun!!

    -gardemangergirl (ravelry)

  13. I can't hardly wait to see who wins, its going to be sooo hard waiting until the 20th!! Agghh
    This is so much fun, thanks for joining this Giveaway! :}

  14. WOW Your stuff (fiber)is beauuuutttifulll... I love Surprises!! LOVE #67763790 Suprise fun..Looks fun....
    Sharon Mahas

  15. I love #65001259- Super Soft Merino Mix Gorgeous Blue Wool Roving Fibers. It's absolutely beautiful!

    ShainR on Ravelry

  16. I like the Sale Brown and Blue Handspun Wool, the colors are pretty. Listing #66453678.

    mzaza9 at gmail dot com

  17. Oh, my - I love the Handmade Grey with twists of Pink and Purple Crazy handspun Art Yarn Pink Curls - Item #68761209

    I am learning how to weave and this yarn would be beautiful added to my new scarf that I am weaving.

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  18. I love Listing # 67054339.

    (InJuneau on Ravelry)

  19. I like Listing # 68763070 "Orange Sherbert". It reminds me of Dreamsicles.

  20. OOOO-I really like the Orange Sherbert, listing # 68763070!! It's quite beautiful, & while redheads aren't *supposed* to wear orange, I'd love to have that yarn outshine my hair any day!!
    I'm Laurpud on Ravelry

  21. I love the Orange Sherbert #68763070. It looks so yummy!!

  22. You have some wonderful combinations. I like surprise fun (#67763790).

    And OMG your from Roy. I grew up in Bellevue (pre-gates).

    rav: aewsimmons

  23. I like the Sand and Sea wool fiber Listing # 65004178. Off to the beach we go!

    lotsofhermies on Ravelry

  24. Hey we are rolling right along, thanks for the comments, you guys are great! :}

  25. i think the curls and locks galore looks so cool! it's listing number 69051948 :)

    sadiekate on ravelry

  26. I like the Sand and Sea wool fiber Listing # 65004178 the best. It would make incredibly pretty yarn.

    -OspreySong on ravelry

  27. I loved your
    Handspun Wool Art Yarn Bubble Gum Colors 50 yards Thick and thin - Listing # 65814897
    You have some great colours - in pastels and pinks! :) Good luck with your store!

    babyloveknit on Ravelry

  28. Hey I am actually torn between two

    The snow and rose petals Listing # 67029798 Is sooo cute and sweet. Just reminds me of exactly what you named it. And white fluffy snow with a mix of lovely roses.

    Also Listing # 65001259 dark blue wool.. the color is gorgeous! and it does look soooo soft.

    My ravelry name is Mandykayy
    email - THANKS!

  29. I really love the way the colors blend into each other in the 'Soft Multicolor Green Shades Handmade Yarn Swirled with Denim/Grey Blue Colors'
    Listing # 69366616

    Ravelry - Iesadora
    Email - lmm,mills(@)gmail(.)com

  30. My favorite is the Bubble Gum Art Yarn - Listing # 65814897. Your other yarns are gorgeous too!

  31. wow what lovely yarn! So hard to choose a fave... I think this one gets it though: mainly as my daughter is looking with me & she is a pink-a-holic!


  32. Thank-You Lesadora, that Green blend Yarn was fun and soft to make, the coarser wools look so cool and add alot of visual texture but I really love the softest ones best. :}
    Thank-You Knititall amd Rose Charles for coming over and checking out my shop! It has been so much fun to meet so many really nice people.

  33. Hi and thank you for your giveaway!! I love the beautiful yarns in your store! It was hard to pick one. I love the Handspun Art Yarn in Bubble Gum, Listing # 65814897
    My email is
    Ravelry id is crochetma40
    Thanks again!!

  34. I adore Listing # 69366616. Those colors are just fabulous!
    My Rav ID is girlieknitwit

  35. They are all so beautiful!!! It was so hard to choose a favorite :D

    I love the Snow and Rose Petals Listing # 67029798. That one kept catching my eye!

    My RAV ID is sweetpea363.

  36. Great Comments, glad you were able to find something you liked in my shop. I often add a few new ones every week, so check back to see whats new.
    Best of Luck to everyone, if you don't win this Giveaway maybe the next one! I'm thinking about having one everyother month or so, more people can win that way and it seems to be alot of fun!

  37. Listing # 69366616 is absolutely gorgeous! love your stuff.

    thank you!

  38. Yay! These are so pretty!

    It's so hard to pick s fav but i
    really like Listing # 66901577

  39. I am enamored with listing#69366616, it reminds me of my sister.

    Lovely shop!

  40. Thanks for joining my Giveaway! :}

  41. Tuff decision, but really like the Bubble Gum Colors #65814897. :-)

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  42. I really love several of them, but I'd have to go with Soft Multi-color Green with Denim/Grey colors (Listing # 69366616). It'd be perfect for a St. Patty's day project, coincidentally my birthday! :)

  43. Oooh all your yarns are so beautiful. And the prices are affordable. I've always wanted some handspun yarn but they're always so expience.
    I love the Soft Multicolor Green Shades.
    Listing # 69366616 It has such beautiful shades of green and blue. Teal's my favorite color. It was so hard to pick. I think orange sherbet is my second favorite though. So bright and vibrant!

  44. Listing # 69056234
    pretty colors :]

    pookiesma on ravelry

  45. Listing #69366616 is gorgeous, but I love them all!
    liztiara84 on Rav

  46. What an awesome giveaway! I love the listing #67054339 Handmade Happy Varigated grey with twists of brown handspun art yarn. Beautiful colors ! Thank you for the opportunity. God Bless You.

  47. What beautiful yarns! I love them! I love color & texture & your yarns have both! The yarn I love in your Etsy shop is the Handmade Multicolor Seasons Handspun Novelty Bulky Knitting Art Yarn,
    Listing #69370737
    Thanks! Hope I win! :)

  48. Thanks for all your nice comments and for entering my drawing! Can't hardly wait until the 20th... last week.. :}

  49. Soft Multicolor Green Shades Handmade Yarn Swirled with Denim/Grey Blue Colors Listing # 69366616
    Love this color!!

  50. Thanks for joining the Giveaway! Tell your friends to join to. :}

  51. Yay! I found your blog completely by chance today. March 20th is my 30th bday so I am hoping that brings me luck to win :) I LOVE yarn and keep thinking that we should make our own up on the ranch. Great colors you have! i think the Listing # 65004489 is my fav though!

  52. Thank-you for your comments and Welcome to my blog! Best of Luck in the drawing.
    Its been so much fun I'm considering holding a drawing every other month, so come back and check in sometimes.. :}

  53. One more day .... to check out a preview pic of the Prize Art Yarn go to my Facebook page here

  54. Drum roll please.... And the winner is InJuneau !!! Congratulations :} and thank-you for helping spread the word about rhodabear handspun yarns!
    For all who played the game, I would like to offer 15% off any items in my shop thru March 31st,2011 just type in coupon code (rhodabear) without the parenthesis at checkout for your 15% off. Also Thank-You all so very much for making this such a fun giveaway, I hope you will be back next time for another chance to win! :}
    Rhoda :}